Area Attractions

T Galleria By DFS, Okinawa

It is the only place in Japan where you can enjoy duty-free shopping while in Japan. Duty-free items you purchase will be received at the DFS item receipt counter within Naha Airport. The yui rail "Omoromachi station" is connecting directly.  

Nearest station: Omoromachi station
Address: 4-11-1 Omoromachi, Naha City, Okinawa

Tomari Port

It is a solitary island passenger terminal heading for Tokashiki, Zamami, Aguni, Tonaki, Kumejima, South-Kitadaito-Island islands. Those remote islands located 30 to 60 minutes by boat from the port. You can enjoy the different atmosphere and nature and the beauty of the sea from Okinawa main island.

Nearest station: Miebashi Station
Address: 3-25-1 Maejima, Naha, Okinawa

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Aquarium in national Okinawa Memorial Park / Ocean Expo district (Ocean Expo Park) in northwest Okinawa Main Island. "Chura-umi" means the Okinawa dialect "Beautiful Ocean". 

Nearest station: Ocean Expo Park (by bus or car) 
Address: 424 Ishikawa, Motobu, Kunigami District, Okinawa

Naha Kokusai Dori

The most famous shopping street in Naha. It is a street that is widely loved by local people to tourists. You can enjoy a lot from souvenirs to shopping.

Nearest station: Makishi Station
Address: 1-1 Makishi, Naha, Okinawa

Convention Centre (Tropical Beach)

The biggest convention hall in Okinawa, events such as conferences and concerts are fascinated. In front of it, there is a tropical beach that shines on the emerald green, which is popular to both tourists and locals.

Nearest station: Okinawa Convention Centre Mae Bus Stop
Address: Tropical Beach, 4-2-1 Mashiki, Ginowan, Okinawa

Shuri Castle

Shurijo Castle is a Ryukyuan gusuku in Shuri, Okinawa and it's a world heritage. The architectural influences from both China and Japan. The king and his family lived as the command tower of the shuri government, which governed the Ryukyus islands and developed diplomacy and trade with the countries of China, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. 

Nearest station: Shuri Station
Address: 1-2 Shurikinjocho, Naha, Okinawa